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Breanne has a passion for videos and loves putting them together to celebrate different moments and celebrations in the lives of friends and family. These posts will include those videos and the stories behind them.

The Journey Begins


It’s all excitement in the Wald world this morning!  Today, we are celebrating adding a new addition to our crazy clan.  James and Taylor’s journey will begin tonight when they say “I Do” at the family ranch.  Their story thus far has proved to be one filled with love, laughter and a true testament to God at work.

It has been amazing watching their relationship develop this past year.  Both of them have had their turn at heartbreak and loss, but I think it speaks wonders to both of their faiths that they pulled through it .. leaning on God the entire time.

He is surely at work in their lives.  James is a missionary and currently starting up a mission training camp in Uganda.  Taylor works at a dentist office and actually when we first met her she was in school to become a nurse.

Being the protective family we are, when we first saw their relationship developing we couldn’t help but wonder if it would all work out.  I mean, Taylor, was a dental assistant with no plans or callings to be a missionary.

I’ll never forget one of the first conversations we had with Taylor about James’s role as a missionary.  We asked if she felt like she was at all being called to be in missions and she said, “I don’t feel like I am being called to be a missionary, but I do feel like I am being called to be with James.”

Not exactly the easy answer nor was it the answer we were looking for, but I realized that her answer spoke more to their relationship than if she had just told us what we all wanted to hear.  In saying she may not be called to be a missionary, but called to be with James, she was saying that wherever God leads James, whether it be a village in the middle of Uganda sleeping in a hut with no running water, or a 3 bedroom house in Mustang, Oklahoma, that’s where she would be .. right at his side.

It was a bitter sweet moment in that Camouflage man and I realized that our days of hanging out with just James were over, but that our prayers for him had been answered.  He had found someone that would stick by him in whatever life brought their way, someone who brings out his goofy side, who he can completely be himself around, but also someone who knows how to calm him down when he gets frustrated, who can teach him how to be easy-going but also push him to be all that God wants him to be.

Shortly after that, we began to see how God was perfectly orchestrating Taylor into James life as a missionary.  I mentioned she works at a dentist office, it turns out the mission camp where they will be serving needs help with providing dental care to the people.  Coincidence? .. no that’s God at work!

The excitement built as Taylor decided to accompany James to Uganda on one of his routine visits to finish up some paperwork on the land he had purchased for the mission base they will one day build along the Nile river.  That same trip is where the first steps of their life together began.  When James got down on one knee and asked Taylor to be his wife in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  One guy in love, one clueless girlfriend, a cascading waterfall as the backdrop, and a shiny new diamond later, they were ENGAGED.  The next four months have flown by, and I’m so excited to welcome a new sister, and one awesome chick to the family.

I’ll post pics of the wedding later, but for now, sit back and enjoy this slideshow/video I put together for their shower a few weeks ago.  I was even able to include some of the actual video of James getting down on one knee!

And, don’t forget to keep them in your prayers as they make preparations to serve in Kenya!

It’s a Walderful life, and we’re enjoying it!  Are you?