Identity Crisis No More …


And so, it begins!  Hello, to all our wonderfully amazing friends and family, and welcome to our blog!  (aka: Breanne’s blog) If Joe were ever to post something here, it would be short of a miracle sent down by the Almighty God in some effort to completely transform my husband .. in which case, we could all take to the appropriate news outlets and let them know THE WORLD WAS ENDING, because this would NEVER happen!  However, if someday he proves me wrong which he rather enjoys doing from time to time, we will all raise our hands in unison, scream “Hallelujah!” and then scratch our heads as we read about what on earth he would possibly have to blog about!  Love ya, Camouflage Man! (Oh, I have decided to refer to Joe as the “Camouflage Man” on this blog, as a salute to Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman who many of you may have heard of (if you haven’t, bless your hearts it’s time to crawl out of the cave you’ve been living in!) Oh jeez, 3 lines in and I’m already off on a tangent .. anyway the Pioneer Woman refers to her husband as Marlboro Man and she’s made a ton of money, so there you go, Camouflage Man, it is!)

So, Camouflage Man and I have been married for just over a year, and we’ve found that between the two of us, we lead quite an interesting and entertaining life.  As we share our stories about burnt dinners, miscommunications and utter chaos with friends, we often get the feedback, “Man, you guys should write a blog.” And here we are! For the most part, the hope is that you can get a few giggles out of our crazy stories of daily life together, and maybe we’ll become famous like “Teen Mom” and get a reality show! We can only dream right?  Okay, moving on ..

In my quest to find a title worthy of such an awe-inspiring blog, I came up with several front-runners.  I quickly took to Facebook to ask our friends what they thought (because if you know me well you know I am as indecisive as they come), so there you have “It’s a Walderful Life,” the ridiculously crazy & chaotic chronicles of Joe and I’s journey through life together.  We hope you enjoy having a lot of laughs at our expense, and maybe even learn a few things, be inspired to do a few things and ultimately grow closer to God with us through some of the devotionals, sermons and just God-at-work kind of moments we’ll share with you.

It is after all a “Walderful” life, so get out and enjoy it!



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  1. You, indecisive? No way : ) You guys are great and I am glad to be able to keep up with you this way…….I will say that with hunting season just around the corner, we should be in for some very entertaining blogs.

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