In the Word … And In the Mood


Okay, okay, I know it’s been forever.  Camouflage man and I have been so extremely busy lately.  When I look back at our busy times, I never know what we were so busy doing, but I KNOW we were busy!  Running errands, keeping up with friends, work, church, visiting family, work, missing church, work, laundry, oh yes and sleep, it seems like a never-ending cycle sometimes.  All the craziness of our schedules got me thinking .. which Camouflage man has realized is rarely a good thing for him and usually involves A) nagging B) honey-do items or C) complete mental and emotional breakdown of his beloved also known as “Code Red” as he has so sweetly coined it.

So, a few weeks ago, I felt a “Code Red” evolving.  I have made it a goal to try and handle these better, as in the past, they have involved fetal positions on the floor in a puddle of tears. (Did I just admit that?) Yes, I will admit it, I’m a woman and I’m emotional!  However, this time in a effort to handle myself with a little more grace, I headed to Mardel’s to find some sort of self-help book.  I was combing the aisles for titles like, “How to deal with your emotions,” “How not to become a psychotic wife,” or maybe even “Hi, my name is Breanne, and I am an emotional wreck.”  (It was a downpoint alright, I’m not proud of it!)  Shocking as it may be, I never quite found one, but I did run across one called, “Songs in the Key of Solomon: In the Word and In the Mood,” a couples devotional.

Now, ladies I know what you’re thinking.  We’ve all been there.  We encouragingly suggest to our husbands that maybe we should do a couples devotional; however, what usually happens is the wife tries repeatedly to carve out time for the devotional and ends up nagging at the husband to do it all the while reminding him that the Bible says HE’S supposed to be the spiritual leader of the house!  No matter how the story plays out the result is more often that not the convenient “loss” of the book.

This book, though, caught my attention.  I mean come on the title is “In the Word and In the MOOD.” Surely, Camouflage Man could find an “interest” in it .. 😉

We often become so obsessed with our own to-do lists, that we forget what we are on this earth for and sadly, we forget that one the most important roles we serve is as a “wife.”  We may not be called to be the “spiritual leaders,” but ladies, if men could survive this life without us, God wouldn’t have created Eve.  (even if she did screw up, eat the apple, and cause us to bear the pains of child labor ..  gee thanks, Eve)  Seriously though, as wives we are called to be a helper for our husbands.  For me, it often means I’m the encourager, the cheerleader, the supporter, so with this in mind, I snatched the book and rushed home to “encourage” my husband to embark on this spiritual journey with me.

Now, as much grief as I like to give Camouflage man, I have to admit that he has a hunger to be an amazing spiritual leader.  He may not embody all those characteristics now, but he has a want and a desire.  So, I wasn’t too surprised when he agreed.  (again .. I think the title helped a bit)

So, here we are a few weeks in.  We vowed from the beginning NOT to make this a routine thing like some people would.  We don’t want it to be routine, something we have to do.  We want it to be spontaneous and only open it up when we WANT to learn more.  Here are some things we have learned so far:

1) Your marriage is like a love song.  You’re either screaming the lyrics of “I can’t get no satisfaction,” or you’re dancing around the living room to Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world.”  The secret to a great marriage is to figure out how you keep the great love songs playing and the “Mission Impossible” soundtrack from creeping in.  It’s hard to hear the music sometimes when so many other “notes” are drowning out our love song, but we have to make sure to tune out the bad notes and keep the good ones in tune!  (like my cliches?)

2)  All marriages seek to get back to their “Eden.” When you boil it down, in the beginning there was God, a man, a woman and nakedness, and everything was good.  But like I said earlier, Eve screwed that up, so now we need to try to get back to our own Eden.  Aka. Our Nakedness.  (Draw your own conclusions .. .)

I think I’ll stop there.  All joking aside though, it’s hard for everyone, me especially, to make sure I am carving out time for my husband.  In all the busy-ness of life, we have to remember what’s most important.  I encourage you to carve out some time this week to do a “sound check” on your relationship.  If the music isn’t playing .. go find your “Eden.”  Hehe

It’s a Walderful Life,


P.S. If you would like to go through the devotional with us, you can find the book at your local Mardel’s store, or click THIS LINK to order it on Amazon!


The Journey Begins


It’s all excitement in the Wald world this morning!  Today, we are celebrating adding a new addition to our crazy clan.  James and Taylor’s journey will begin tonight when they say “I Do” at the family ranch.  Their story thus far has proved to be one filled with love, laughter and a true testament to God at work.

It has been amazing watching their relationship develop this past year.  Both of them have had their turn at heartbreak and loss, but I think it speaks wonders to both of their faiths that they pulled through it .. leaning on God the entire time.

He is surely at work in their lives.  James is a missionary and currently starting up a mission training camp in Uganda.  Taylor works at a dentist office and actually when we first met her she was in school to become a nurse.

Being the protective family we are, when we first saw their relationship developing we couldn’t help but wonder if it would all work out.  I mean, Taylor, was a dental assistant with no plans or callings to be a missionary.

I’ll never forget one of the first conversations we had with Taylor about James’s role as a missionary.  We asked if she felt like she was at all being called to be in missions and she said, “I don’t feel like I am being called to be a missionary, but I do feel like I am being called to be with James.”

Not exactly the easy answer nor was it the answer we were looking for, but I realized that her answer spoke more to their relationship than if she had just told us what we all wanted to hear.  In saying she may not be called to be a missionary, but called to be with James, she was saying that wherever God leads James, whether it be a village in the middle of Uganda sleeping in a hut with no running water, or a 3 bedroom house in Mustang, Oklahoma, that’s where she would be .. right at his side.

It was a bitter sweet moment in that Camouflage man and I realized that our days of hanging out with just James were over, but that our prayers for him had been answered.  He had found someone that would stick by him in whatever life brought their way, someone who brings out his goofy side, who he can completely be himself around, but also someone who knows how to calm him down when he gets frustrated, who can teach him how to be easy-going but also push him to be all that God wants him to be.

Shortly after that, we began to see how God was perfectly orchestrating Taylor into James life as a missionary.  I mentioned she works at a dentist office, it turns out the mission camp where they will be serving needs help with providing dental care to the people.  Coincidence? .. no that’s God at work!

The excitement built as Taylor decided to accompany James to Uganda on one of his routine visits to finish up some paperwork on the land he had purchased for the mission base they will one day build along the Nile river.  That same trip is where the first steps of their life together began.  When James got down on one knee and asked Taylor to be his wife in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  One guy in love, one clueless girlfriend, a cascading waterfall as the backdrop, and a shiny new diamond later, they were ENGAGED.  The next four months have flown by, and I’m so excited to welcome a new sister, and one awesome chick to the family.

I’ll post pics of the wedding later, but for now, sit back and enjoy this slideshow/video I put together for their shower a few weeks ago.  I was even able to include some of the actual video of James getting down on one knee!

And, don’t forget to keep them in your prayers as they make preparations to serve in Kenya!

It’s a Walderful life, and we’re enjoying it!  Are you?


The Importance of Kleenex vs. Toilet Paper


I’m sure you are thinking I’ve completed lost my marbles.  “Where in the world could that title possibly be leading?”  Well, hold on to your hats people. It involves a story with Camouflage Man.  He’s actually the main character in this story.  I will play the ugly villain.

It starts out on a peaceful Friday afternoon.  Last Friday to be exact.  I was cuddled up in my new office at home basking in the glory of one of my new video creations, dreaming of the endless possibilities for this masterpiece and preparing my speech for the Golden Globes … when I heard it.

The sound billowed into my carefree zone like a bunch of preschoolers who had just encountered Chucky Cheese for the first time.  I was instantly annoyed, but I decided to brush it off and continue working.  Until there it was again … and again .. and again.

The sound of a nursing home full of old grumpy men, the sound of smokers cutting away at their lungs.  The sound of my husband …. “hacking.”

Now, I’m not exactly sure that “hacking” is the right word for the awful sound he continued to make from the kitchen, but just imagine a deep cough-annoying clearing of the throat-grunt-throw up sort of sound … and you begin to hear the noise that was echoing through my blissful retreat.

As I tried to continue to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around the creativity I had at my fingertips just a few short moments before, I began to get increasingly annoyed at the “hacking” noise that had become routine in the kitchen. So .. then it happened, I lost it!  Yes, girls I will admit it, my estrogen took control, my patience went out the window and I yelled, “Joe, Shut up!”

I wish I could say it ended there, but the “hacking” kept coming to which I replied with, “Shut up!,” “Joe, be quiet!” “Oh My Gosh, shut up!” “Please, shut up!” “Joseph Anthony, I am about to come in there and give you something to “hack” about!” and finally “Holy crap, what is your problem?”

During this whole tirade, the thought to actually go CHECK on my “hacking” husband never quite occured to me.  Until finally, I was so upset and annoyed I slammed my notepad down and went marching into the kitchen.  (cue “don, don, don” scary music)

When I arrived in the kitchen in all my fury, I found Joe on his knees, face red as a ripe tomato, tears rolling down his cheeks, eyes bloodshot and yes, he was still “hacking.”  You would have thought I would have immediately rushed to his side and leaped into CPR, but no my first reaction was … “What are you doing on the floor?”

He gasped for a huge breath of air and replied, “I swallowed a piece of toilet paper, and it’s flapping around in my lungs ..” (yes, this is a true story)

Oh course, my obvious reply was, “Joe … how did you swallow a piece of toilet paper?”

To make a long story .. well it’s already long, but I’ll make it shorter … Over the next few minutes (between the “hacking” and gasping for air), Camouflage Man went on to tell me he had been blowing his nose and at some point took in a deep breath in preparation for another blow and jerked a piece of the toilet paper into his mouth and down his windpipe.  Now, I want you all to know my conscious did eventually kick in, and I rushed to his side and played the sympathetic wife, poured him a glass of water, asked if I should drive him to the emergency room, etc.

But ladies, listen to how this story ends.  After taking care of him and helping him get the toilet paper pushed down far enough that it wasn’t giving him any more trouble, he takes a deep breath looks at me and says, “You know if you would just keep the Kleenex out where I could find it instead of putting it away in a cabinet, this wouldn’t have happened.”

And there you have it …  typical man.

It’s always somehow the “woman’s” fault.  Yes, Camouflage Man, I have been conspiring against you and locking the Kleenex up in a hidden closet so you can never find it and are forced to resort to toilet paper which we’ve now all learned is apparently life-threatening when it comes to blowing your nose.

A few last words.  When sharing this story (which is much more entertaining in person as you get to hear the actual “hacking” noise) with my coworkers I received a few responses I thought were blog-worthy.

First, “One of my husband’s friends was telling a story one time about a couple where the wife was having to care for the husband due to a sickness .. and my husband replied with ‘Gosh, I’d be dead if I had to rely on my wife.”

I mean really men as if you could function without us!

Lastly, “One time my husband told me if I ever became unable to function with daily life, not to worry he would take care of me … but he would definitely remarry.”

Okay, seriously .. are we supposed to reply to these kinds of comments with, “Thanks honey, that’s so sweet of you.”?

All joking aside, I sure do love my Camouflage Man!  He keeps me entertained.

It’s a Walderful Life!


Identity Crisis No More …


And so, it begins!  Hello, to all our wonderfully amazing friends and family, and welcome to our blog!  (aka: Breanne’s blog) If Joe were ever to post something here, it would be short of a miracle sent down by the Almighty God in some effort to completely transform my husband .. in which case, we could all take to the appropriate news outlets and let them know THE WORLD WAS ENDING, because this would NEVER happen!  However, if someday he proves me wrong which he rather enjoys doing from time to time, we will all raise our hands in unison, scream “Hallelujah!” and then scratch our heads as we read about what on earth he would possibly have to blog about!  Love ya, Camouflage Man! (Oh, I have decided to refer to Joe as the “Camouflage Man” on this blog, as a salute to Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman who many of you may have heard of (if you haven’t, bless your hearts it’s time to crawl out of the cave you’ve been living in!) Oh jeez, 3 lines in and I’m already off on a tangent .. anyway the Pioneer Woman refers to her husband as Marlboro Man and she’s made a ton of money, so there you go, Camouflage Man, it is!)

So, Camouflage Man and I have been married for just over a year, and we’ve found that between the two of us, we lead quite an interesting and entertaining life.  As we share our stories about burnt dinners, miscommunications and utter chaos with friends, we often get the feedback, “Man, you guys should write a blog.” And here we are! For the most part, the hope is that you can get a few giggles out of our crazy stories of daily life together, and maybe we’ll become famous like “Teen Mom” and get a reality show! We can only dream right?  Okay, moving on ..

In my quest to find a title worthy of such an awe-inspiring blog, I came up with several front-runners.  I quickly took to Facebook to ask our friends what they thought (because if you know me well you know I am as indecisive as they come), so there you have “It’s a Walderful Life,” the ridiculously crazy & chaotic chronicles of Joe and I’s journey through life together.  We hope you enjoy having a lot of laughs at our expense, and maybe even learn a few things, be inspired to do a few things and ultimately grow closer to God with us through some of the devotionals, sermons and just God-at-work kind of moments we’ll share with you.

It is after all a “Walderful” life, so get out and enjoy it!